The 12th edition of Montreal’s World Press Photo will take place from August 30st to October 1ST, 2017, at the Bonsecours Market (Old Montréal).

The event will showcase the photography from the winners of the most prestigious professional competition in the world. In 2015, 5775 photographers from 128 countries submitted a total of 83 000 images.

Since the first award ceremony in 1955, the World Press Photo has become the most esteemed photojournalism event.
- The New York Times
 Photographic electroshock. 
- Le Devoir
The prestigious and provocative World Press Photo exhibition reveals the full breadth of life.
- The Gazette
Exceptional quality photos of the world as it is.
- La Presse

[2016 content]

Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette to be spokesperson for the 11th edition of

World Press Photo Montréal and presents

an exhibit on Syrian refugees in Montréal

Event presented from August 31st to October 2nd at Bonsecours Market

photo: André Turpin

photo: André Turpin

Author and director Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette will be spokesperson for the next edition of World Press Photo Montréal, presented from August 31st to October 2nd at the Bonsecours Market. At the same time, this multidisciplinary artist has free reign to showcase her own exhibit dedicated to Syrian refugees recently arrived in Montréal. Award winner of the Prix des libraires in May 2016 for her novel, La femme qui fuit (Marchand de feuilles), Anaïs’ exhibit sheds light on the realities of newly arrived Syrians in the city and how many Montrealers stepped up to the plate, encouraging and alleviating their integration.

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In search of the lost billions. Every year the states lose billions of dollars in taxes because wealthy people and multinational companies hide their wealth in tax havens. Every lost dollar is a misopportunity to fight against poverty and inequality, here as elsewhere.

If you received 1 billion dollars to fight against poverty and inequality, what would you do? Through its exhibition Oxfam-Québec invites you to discover the initiatives for change and hope that she leads to fight against poverty and inequality. Mathieu-Étienne Gagnon (photo), Guillaume Internoscia, Alexandre Morin-Laprise and Simon Trepanier picture the work of our teams together with local organizations that work with young people and women.