The 13th edition of Montreal’s World Press Photo will take place from August 29th to september 30th, 2018, at the Bonsecours Market (Old Montréal). more details to come.

The event will showcase the photography from the winners of the most prestigious professional competition in the world. In 2016, 5000 photographers from 125 countries submitted a total of 80 000 images.

Since the first award ceremony in 1955, the World Press Photo has become the most esteemed photojournalism event.
- The New York Times
 Photographic electroshock. 
- Le Devoir
The prestigious and provocative World Press Photo exhibition reveals the full breadth of life.
- The Gazette
Exceptional quality photos of the world as it is.
- La Presse

SÉBASTIEN RICARD - spokesperson 2017 | 2018: MORE DETAILS TO COME

Musician and actor Sébastien Ricard is the spokesperson for the 2017 edition of World Press Photo Montreal. Born in 1971, and also known as Batlam as part of Quebec hip-hop group Loco Locass, he has notably taken on the role of André Fortin in the feature film Dédé à travers les brumes. On the stage, he has played the Duke of Gloucester (Richard III at the TNM and NAC), a role for which he won the 2015-16 Critics’ Prize; Mackie in L'opéra de quat'sous and the drum major in Woyzcek. In 2010, he was appointed Patriot of the Year by the Société nationale des Québécois et des Québécoises de la Capitale.

Marché bonsecours - 170 ans d'échanges (2017) | 2018: MORE DETAILS TO COME

Marché Bonsecours - Steamboat.jpg

Since its opening in 1847, Marché Bonsecours has been at times a witness to as well as a player in the development of Montreal, Quebec and Canada. The main public market of the metropolis for more than a century, Marché Bonsecours is now the symbol of Old Montreal, the true link between the port and the city. Each day the market is witness to special exchanges: each day it writes another page of history. The images from this exhibition recall both the strength and refinement of this significant jewel of North America’s heritage. 


Regards – Karibu, welcome to the DR Congo (2017) | 2018: MORE DETAILS TO COME


Oxfam-Québec supports the rights of women and girls. To choose with whom and when they have sex. To choose how many children they have. To live healthily. From Mwanga to Nizi, from Rwampara to Bunia, immerse yourself in the photographer Éric St-Pierre’s gaze. He introduces you to entire communities engaged daily with Oxfam-Québec promoting equality



The photo workshop, Flash Forward Photovoice, organized with Singa Québec, in partnership with la Maison de la Photo de Montréal and World Press Photo Montréal, united 12 adolescents recently arrived from Syria, in order to teach them the visual, technical, and esthetic aspects of photography, in addition to other knowledge related to the art. Inspired by the concept of Photo Voice, the workshop seeks to offer these young photographers a means to tell their own stories, through the practice of photography, which becomes its own mode of expression. Led by the Montréal photographer Amina Jalabi, this workshop gives its participants the tools to immortalize their journeys of arrival and establishment in Québec. Indeed, these young photographers spent seven months meandering Montréal, its nooks, its landscapes, equipped with their cameras, as they documented these brilliant stories. 

ICI RDI - See your news correspondents in a new light (2017) | 2018: MORE DETAILS TO COME

Photo 2- Le camp de protection des Nations unies à Bentiu.png

At its installation set up at the World Press Photo exhibition, ICI RDI invites you to view the work of its correspondents abroad through their own eyes. The world in which these teams work and their insatiable desire to inform the public are highlighted throughout the presentation. From the American election campaign to the battle to recapture Mosul, you can see a fresh new perspective on certain events that have recently dominated international news.

LaPresse+ | Trump Effect (2017) | 2018: MORE DETAILS TO COME


Since the election of Donald Trump, thousands of migrants have illegally crossed the Canadian border. The new decree on immigration to the United States arouses a global outrage. Chased by the US authorities, the illegal fled. (Photo : Martin Tremblay)

The Planète+ experience (2017) | 2018: MORE DETAILS TO COME


In a media-saturated world, can the role of specific media be challenged? That’s the question posed by the PLANÈTE+ installation, developed by the Havas Montréal advertising agency for the World Press Photo event. Embedded in a compelling display that showcases the TV channel’s colours, the concept piques your curiosity with questions on cardboard TV sets. To search for answers, visitors are invited to download the Blippar application for mobile phones, featuring videos that will reveal, using augmented reality, the truth behind each question.